Due to an unfortunate coincidence of illness and relocation we are in urgent need of 2 basses. Whilst you would not be required for concert work until next year we would love to have the successful candidates join us as soon as possible as we prefer to give a 'trial' period to prospective members to ensure a good fit. Being a small choir we need members who are committed to rehearsals and learning parts between times. Each and every absence from rehearsals is very noticeable and singers cannot 'hide' behind one another.

Bear in mind our requirements as set out below and if you think you'd be a good fit then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


You must read music, have experience singing SATB and be prepared to attend rehearsals every other weekend on Sunday afternoons. You need to be a confident singer and able to maintain your part whilst standing next to singers of other parts as we stand mixed rather than in sections. This ensures a good blend of voices and makes certain everyone knows their part. Please be sure you can make the required commitment to attend rehearsals before applying.

We are a friendly bunch who sing to bring pleasure not just to our audiences - but to enjoy ourselves too. A sense of humour is a must.

You can contact us using the 'Contact Us' tab above, or leave us a voice message on this site.

The picture is a joke (honest!).


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